Use name:
Ceramic vacuum chuck
Ceramic adsorption platform
Ceramic suspension platform
High - grade kiln furniture and high temperature b
Medical ceramics
Alumina and zirconia structure ceramics
High temperature resistant thermal shock ceramics
Microporous ceramics for e-cigarettes
Aquaculture, aquaculture use of breathable ceramic
Filter ceramic
Wear-resistant ceramic
Insulating ceramics
Special purpose ceramics
Cordierite ceramics(C410 C520 C511)
Talc porcelain and high frequency porcelain(C221\C
Aromatherapy ceramic

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     Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is a internal technological enterprise that specialize in studying and producing high quality special ceramics material including structural ceramics and functional ceramics.Our company has veteran and professional troop, and at the same time, we have complete equipment and perfect quality control system.
     At a long time, Ceramic Technology Co.,Ltd engaged with studying and producing ceramic materials and productions that were up to date in high technology ceramics domain, rich outcome was obtained by untiring effort. In micropore structural ceramics domain, ceramic materials with high hole rate and ultra fine aperture which properties reached and exceeded the same products that be manufactured by US COORSTEK Co. were empoldered by researching and exploring properties of submicron ultrafine aperture ceramic materials, and……
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